Fake Telegram Users

Are you looking for a fake member with a low price? You have chosen the right place. I am here to fully explain to you what a fake member is and what it does and how to get it at the lowest price.

Fake users are just accounts that we create manually and use virtual numbers to create them. It has many uses, I will name them below

1. Incredibly fast channel growth (because real members take a long time to join your channel)

2. It was low cost, Of course being free. Because our price is very low (real members need more price)

3. Sometimes suitable for attacking rival groups (which of course I do not highly recommend)

4. Crediting a channel or group, especially for starters and before attracting real members

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Fakke telegram subscribers

As you know, Telegram channels have a credit that is the number of people

Who have joined that channel and will be displayed at the top of the channel for everyone. Accordingly, people who want to have a full-fledged channel as soon as possible,

And they do not care at all what the quality of these members is, they try to collect members for their channel through fraudulent methods. To this type of so-called public members,

It is also called a fake Telegram member. The presence of fake members in Telegram channels has become commonplace and is done only to display the number of numbers in order to attract other users.

Of course, this has turned the Telegram social network, which has become one of the most widely used messaging networks in our country, into a black market for buying and selling fake members.

In a way that price competition has started for the sale of members. Profitable business profit that is not realized / fake members deceive you.

The selling prices of fake telegram members sometimes start from five thousand tomans with 100 members and reach up to 120 thousand tomans with five thousand members, and the owners of telegram channels, as they think

The number of members of their channel is a proof of the increase in their income.

They use this space to their advantage.

If you have the time and patience, you can become a member of Telegram one by one with virtual numbers and then add these numbers to your Telegram channel. But this is beyond the time and energy of most people, so they outsource it and prefer to buy a fake Telegram member.

These fake members have no effect on the number of views of the posts and can not send channel posts to other groups. Therefore, they are only a show and can lead to raising the Telegram channel membership .